BEWARE of the many e Cigarette Free Trial Scams

If you are looking to test out electronic cigarettes for the first time, you might be tempted to test out an e Cigarette free trial. We’ve all been told, from a young age, that anything that sounds too good to be true likely is. This free trial offer is, in fact, too good to be true. Read on as we break down why you should stay far away from the e cigarette free trials offered online.

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Our favorite company of all is V2 Cigs as they are the best all around quality, selection and price. Now we will discuss some of the scams out now.

How the e cigarette free trial scam works

The most notorious free trial e cigarette company is Prado. By simply paying the $14.95 for shipping and handling, Prado will supply you with a starter kit valued at $149.90 to “try for 14 days” absolutely free. While this sounds good in theory, the reality is that the company is known for sending the product out late so that you receive your free trial product after the 14 day period has ended. After the 14 days you will be charged the full $149.90 automatically – as if you approved of the trial and wanted to keep the e cigarette starter kit. What happens at this point is that you’re stuck with a product that costs $150 and you are unable to return it.

Making matters worse is the second part of the e cigarette free trial scam. Each month, you will be charged roughly $70 for 20 refill cartridges – automatically. Once these cigarettes are mailed to you, no refunds will be allowed. This process will continue until you call customer service to cancel your monthly membership.

Dealing with customer service is also a painful process. Often times, they will make the process as difficult as possible if you decide to return a product. Canceling a membership is slightly less difficult, but likely won’t be done until you are aware that you are signed up for a monthly membership in the first place. This usually comes after your first $70 payment.

What companies offer the e cigarette free trial scam?

Some of the other popular e cigarette free trial scam companies include the following:

  • No Flame e cigarette
  • Smoking Everywhere
  • Direct e cig
  • Smoke51
  • Ignite e cig
  • Smokeless Direct
  • Green Puffer

If you have dealt with any of these companies in the recent past, contact them immediately to start the return process and cancel any monthly membership you are signed up to. All of the e cigarette free trial scams are similar – a high-priced “free trial” starter pack that can’t be returned combined with a monthly membership that you unknowingly signed up for.

How should you be buying your electronic cigarettes?

Yes, scammers can give a bad name to electronic cigarettes, but don’t let them dissuade you from giving smokeless cigarettes a try. If you are looking for ways to quit smoking, electronic cigarettes will become your best bet for fighting your bad habit.

As you look for your first e cigarette starter kit, you will want to purchase from an established company that makes their money off of providing quality electronic cigarettes rather than through a scam.

Our favorite company of all is V2 Cigs as they are the best all around quality, selection and price.

See for yourself here: Compare V2 Cigs with Blu, GreenSmoke, Njoy and The Safe Cig. If you stick with V2 Cigs, you will not only receive a legitimate 30 day money back guarantee, but you will also receive a top-of-the-line e cigarette with your purchase. None of the companies on our site attempt to lure you in with hidden monthly memberships — instead you have the opportunity to buy e cigarette cartridges in packages that can be as low as $1.69/cartridge! (That’s the low price of V2 cigs).

The next time you see an e cigarette free trial offer, keep temptation away and check the fine print of the terms and conditions for that product (usually hidden in a small link on the bottom of the website). We suggest that, no matter what the terms and conditions say, you shy away from any and all “free trial” offers.

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