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A new entrant to the electronic cigarette playing field is one that intrigues us as a value e cig – V2 cigs. V2 e cigarettes takes what Blu Cigs offers – stylish e cigs – and goes two steps further by offering a cheaper alternative with a greater choice of flavors. As we compare V2 Cigs to its main competitors, the only thing that seems to hold V2 back is that it doesn’t have a large marketing budget or a popular brand. Throughout this V2 Cigs review, we should be able to squash any concern that you have regarding the V2 cigs offering.

V2 Cigs Price

One of the most attractive features of V2 e cigs is the price. With V2 Cigs starter kits costing only $64.95 vs. $139.00 for a comparable Green Smoke e cigs starter kit, you can see that you are getting tremendous value for your V2 cigs. This price also beats Blu Cigs offering. Each electronic cigarette by V2 Cigs is only $1.69 vs. $3.00 for Green Smoke. There really isn’t a less expensive e cig on the market today from a reputable electronic cigarette company.

LIFETIME Warranty on all Electronic Products!

V2 Cigs Batteries

Going beyond price, another advantage of purchasing V2 Cigs is that there are 3 battery colors. What this means is that you can both save money by choosing V2 while also getting the style that you want. The cigarette batteries can be purchased in black, white, or silver varieties. Silver seems to be the most unique color and is our favorite. Also, you can select manual and automatic batteries e cigs. The manual ones will require you to press a button to get the vapors, but will also give you added battery life. The automatic won’t require this effort, but will again drain the batteries faster.

V2 Cigs Flavors

Our favorite feature of V2 Cigs has to be the variety of flavors. With 10 flavors to choose from, you won’t run out of options easily. The V2 Red, Menthol and Congress flavors are the most traditional flavors available while the Peppermint, Coffee and Cherry flavors will be attractive to those who don’t like the taste of normal cigarettes. There are also Vanilla, Cola, Chocolate and Sahara flavors available. If you can’t find a flavor you like out of these options, you won’t have much luck with any other e cig brand.

V2 Cigs Also Offer…

If you aren’t sold on V2 Cigs yet, you should also know that the following is also offered by V2:

  • Worldwide shipping
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty

While these benefits are also offered by many of V2 Cigs’ competitors, it is still important to note each of these benefits to give you a well rounded V2 Cigs review.

Final Conclusion of this V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs offer an attractive combination of low prices and a wide selection of flavors and colors. In fact, we can’t really think of anything that V2 Cigs lack that is available for other brands (besides brand popularity). Our guess is that, as V2 Cigs become more popular, the price will begin to increase. In the meantime, purchase V2 cigs today to get great value on your e cig package.

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5 stars

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