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The Safe Cig is known for being the first electronic cigarette company in the USA. The company has a track record of focusing on safety and technology as you will see throughout this Safe Cig review.

The Safe Cig basics

The Safe Cig is considered an advanced electronic cigarette due to its high level of technology (we will get into this later) and simple to use features. The basic cigarette comes in two parts — the battery and the cartridge. The cartridge will include the flavor and the nicotine (if you want one with nicotine) and the battery will be the end of the cigarette and will “light up” with each smoke. This cigarette is extremely easy to use and comes in three flavors (traditional, tobacco and menthol) as well as six different tobacco levels (24 mg, 18 mg, 14 mg, 11 mg, 6 mg and 0 mg).

The Safe Cig technology

What we love about Safe Cig as a company is that it pumps a lot of its revenue into research to make its products better and better. One of the nicest features of the Safe Cig is that the batteries include what is called a “flow sensor”. This sensor powers the cigarette on and off using smart technology and essentially saves battery power by turning off the cigarette instantly when it is not in use. This allows the cigarette to save close to 99.9% of its battery life. Don’t worry though — as soon as you begin to smoke again, the battery will kick in immediately.

Another great feature of the Safe Cig is that each of its electronic cigarette cartridges include what is called a “catcher” — something that keeps the cigarettes from leaking liquid into your mouth before you smoke. If you have ever smoked an electronic cigarette that leaks into your mouth, you will understand how important this technology is.

There were two accessories in particular offered by the Safe Cig that we loved. The first was the ability to buy a Black battery. This battery gives a stealthy look to the battery by replacing the normal light brown end to your common cigarette. While not important, we found this to be an innovative offering only offered by a few of the Safe Cig’s competitors. Second, we loved how this safe Cig offered a USB charger for those who want to charge by plugging into a computer.

Costs of the Safe Cig

Safe Cig cartridges cost only $12.50 for five cartridges. However, we would suggest you opt for a starter kit ($69.95) which will include a battery, a USB charger, a wall adapter and five cartridges.

Safe Cig review conclusion

Safe Cig is an established company that has an eye for improving its products for their customers. While the offering of flavors might not be as expansive as some of its competitors, we love the prices and the taste of the Safe Cig electronic cigarettes. Get your Safe Cig e cigarettes at the lowest price (with a 30 day money-back guarantee) by going directly to their website using the link below:

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