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Green Smoke electronic cigarettes have become a popular choice of smokeless cigarettes due to the brand’s wide range of flavors and tobacco levels. For those of you who are looking to curb your smoking habits with high end smokeless cigarettes, Green Smoke may very well be your top choice. The following Green Smoke review will help you understand the pros and cons we found with Green Smoke e cigarettes.

Green Smoke offers a wide range of tobacco flavors

Green Smoke offers a nice range of flavors that include Tobacco, Tobacco M, Vanilla, Chocolate, Menthol, Coffee, Strawberry and Apple. For those who don’t care for the normal flavor of cigarettes, you will have ample selection with your Green Smoke cartridges.

Green Smoke offers Various tobacco levels

When you are looking to quit smoking, it is imperative that you don’t quit cold turkey. Green Smoke offers various tobacco levels to slowly curb your nicotine addiction. You can start out with the full nicotine level of 18 mg, and work your way down out the light level of 12 mg, the ultra light level of 6 mg, the low level of 4 mg or the zero level of 0 mg. For those wishing for an even higher level of nicotine, you also have the choice of a strong level (24 mg). Of course, we don’t advise a strong level for anyone using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking.

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Green Smoke are Easy to use cigarettes

One of the nicest features of the Green Smoke cigarettes is that they include only two parts rather than three or four parts. You will essentially only need to screw on a cartridge to the battery and then smoke the cigarette — that is it! You really can’t get much simpler than that. This is perfect for those who don’t want to get caught up in purchasing small parts for their electronic cigarettes. Why make smoking complicated?

Positives of the Green Smoke e cigarettes

The Green Smoke smokeless cigarettes are considered high end electronics cigarettes. With the variety of flavors and nicotine levels, Green Smoke covers the needs of just about any customer. Also, by making the cigarettes two pieces rather than three or four pieces, you won’t have to hassle with various parts failing on you. One of the downsides of some of the other electronic cigarettes is that they require you to replace an atomizing chamber along with the cartridges and batteries. Even worse, some electronic cigarettes don’t offer replaceable mouthpieces – meaning that you will be placing your mouth on the same spot over and over again. You don’t have to worry about that with Green Smoke cigarettes because the actual cartridge is disposable. The only other piece of the cigarette is the battery which is rechargeable and can be used over again.

Complaints of the Green Smoke e cigarettes

The major complaint that we have regarding the Green Smoke cigarettes is that the price is slightly higher than those from some of our favorite electronic cigarette companies. The prices start at roughly $15 for five cigarettes, $55 for 20 cigarettes, or a little over $100 or 40 cigarettes. Green Smoke estimates that one electronic cigarette will last about as long as one pack of normal cigarettes. This comes out to roughly 3 dollars per electronic cigarette. These prices are by no means expensive when compared to normal cigarettes, but they are in the upper range of electronic cigarette prices.

Green Smoke review conclusion

Green Smoke cigarettes are favored by electronic cigarette smokers who are looking for something clean, easy to use, and with a variety of flavors and tobacco levels. Get your pack of Green Smoke cigarettes for sale today (with a 30 day money back guarantee) by going to the Green Smoke website located below:

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