Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes – No Children Allowed

While some smokers are looking for places to buy electronic cigarettes one industry leader is claiming to welcome regulation.

The FDA has not as yet regulated e-cigarettes and one maker would welcome regulation. Age limits and manufacturing standards are two of the items that would “raise the bar” on our industry says Eli Alelov.

Feds eye new regulations for e-cigarettes

Several years ago, when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) attempted to ban the import and sale of electronic e-cigarettes, a court stood in the way.

In December 2010 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled the FDA’s attempt to classify e-cigarettes as drug delivery systems was incorrect. Instead, the court found that e-cigarettes were tobacco products, even though they contain no tobacco.

The FDA declined to appeal the ruling but has served notice that it might propose rules that would, in fact, regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products. The agency suggested it could issue a Notice of Proposed Rule Making sometime this month.
Welcomes regulation

Not all in the industry, it turns out, fear FDA regulation. Eli Alelov, CEO of LOGIC Technology, a maker of e-cigarettes, thinks some regulation is overdue. He told ConsumerAffairs that he wants to see manufacturing standards and age restrictions.

“I support raising the bar for the industry,” Alelov said. “Right now my biggest enemy is not the FDA, it’s these ‘me too’ brands that come into the market with cheap electronic cigarettes, trying to make a buck, and they’re putting lousy products on the market. That’s hurting the entire industry.”

Alelov’s company makes e-cigarettes in only two flavors – tobacco and menthol. He says the wide variety of fruit flavored e-cigarettes offered by other companies don’t appeal to people who smoke cigarettes, but instead appeal to young people who don’t smoke.

Children, he says, should not be using his product and he is in favor of restricting Internet sales.

“A 13-year-old girl should not have the option to buy electronic cigarettes just because she clicks on a button that says ‘Yes, I’m 18’ and then makes the purchase with her mother’s credit card,” he said. To finish reading Feds eye new regulations for e-cigarettes click here.

The quick money factor he said is hurting the industry much more than any FDA regulations will. Also, he said, limiting flavors to what real cigarettes taste like instead of trying to lure in children with candy like flavors would be welcome. E-cigarette makers also claim the product is safer than traditional smoking.

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