Smokeless Cigarette VS. Oklahoma State Board Of Health

The smokeless cigarette was on the table for discussion at the Oklahoma State Board Of Health recently with concerns that it does not provide a safer method to smoke. The chemicals ingested trying simulate tobacco smoking have not been tested and worries that they might not be safe were considered.Electronic cigarettes are battery powered to heat a solution of oil and nicotine that replaces the smoke from a traditional cigarette.

E-cigarettes aren’t regulated enough, Oklahoma health officials say

WOODWARD — State health leaders said Tuesday they are concerned about efforts to market e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

The state Board of Health held its monthly meeting Tuesday in Woodward, and concern over electronic cigarettes was one of the main topics board members discussed.

State Health Commissioner Terry Cline said e-cigarettes are being pitched as “safer” than traditional tobacco products.

“It takes us back to the early days of tobacco when you had early science that didn’t have this great concern about the product,” Cline said. “During that time, it was being heavily promoted in the state as well as in the country, again, this harm reduction strategy was being using — ‘I’m looking out for your health, use this product,’ and we simply don’t believe that’s the case.”

It is not a good idea to use a product where you’re ingesting chemicals into your body until it has been properly evaluated, he said. To finish reading E-cigarettes aren’t regulated enough, Oklahoma health officials say click here.

Many smokers claim that after beginning use the device has actually helped them to quit smoking entirely.

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