You May Soon Need An ID To Buy An Electronic Cigarette

With new legislation seeking to ban the sale of ‘alternative nicotine products’ to minors, you may need an ID to purchase your next electronic cigarette.

You’d better have your ID ready the next time you go to buy an electronic cigarette. The Illinois Senate has recently approved a statewide ban on e-cigarette consumption for minors. The plan was unanimously approved and will now move to the House for further consideration. The proposal also included the statewide ban of any other ‘alternative nicotine products’. Read this article to find out more about House bill 2250.

SPRINGFIELD | Minors statewide would not be able to buy electronic cigarettes under a plan unanimously endorsed in the Senate Tuesday.

Senate sponsor state Sen. John Mulroe, D- Chicago, said this legislation updates state law to include new advancements in nicotine products.

“I think it’s a good product to help people off who are addicted to smoking, but it’s also something kids can do to put nicotine in their system that can lead to bad consequences,” Mulroe said.

To address any future nicotine product developments, the proposal would also ban selling minors any “alternative nicotine product,” such as a device or product that does not contain tobacco but allows for the ingestion of nicotine. Click this link to finish reading Illinois Senate approves electronic cigarette ban for minors.

Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes have helped smokers quit more harmful tobacco products, they still contain nicotine. Under the new legislation, children and teenagers will be denied access to a product that could put a lot of nicotine into their systems.

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