‘Vapers’ Are Passionate About How They Customize Their E-Cigarette Juice

With customized e-cigarette juice and tricked out smoking pieces, ‘vapers’ don’t feel they are missing out on anything by not smoking regular cigarettes.

If you don’t ‘vape’ with a rechargeable battery and a refillable e-cigarette juice container, then you can’t call yourself a ‘vaper’. Recently, The Daily Mail reported on a growing subculture of e-cigarette enthusiasts who are taking vapor smoking to a whole new level. With accessories and extravagantly designed smoking pieces, these e-cigarette lovers are pleased with a lot more than just the health benefits of ‘vaping’. Rather than thinking of e-cigarettes as a safer way to receive nicotine, ‘vapers’ believe that the devices have benefits all their own.

A radical new group of smokers have no intention of quitting. Instead, they believe their their addiction can save the lives of millions who puff away at cigarettes every day.

‘Vapers’ – dedicated enthusiasts of electronic cigarettes – say the vapors they inhale, along with nicotine, are far safer than the tar and raft of chemicals in tobacco cigarettes, while still supplying the same nicotine buzz.

This emerging subculture of smokers is obsessed with the customizable wizz-bang technology of electronic cigarettes. Some ‘vapers’ spend thousands to trick out their smoking pieces with the newest upgrades.

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With all of the parts that go into a refillable e-cigarette, you have the opportunity to completely customize your experience. One of the main benefits is that the e-cigarette juice you inhale can be mixed with the exact nicotine level and flavor of your choice.

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