Smokeless Cigarettes Are Getting The Job Done

Smokeless cigarettes were designed to help smokers give up tobacco and are doing just that. Apparently 90 percent of smokers who begin using them are successful at quitting one of the most addicting habits ever devised. Even though some users began using the devices to sidestep indoor smoking bans, they discovered the secret benefit of stopping smoking entirely.

Electronic cigarettes ‘help nine out of ten smokers quit tobacco completely’

Electronic cigarettes have helped almost nine out of ten smokers quit tobacco completely, new research shows.

They are so effective that more people give up their habit than intend to when they start using them.

The findings contradict fears that the battery-powered devices would merely increase users’ intake of nicotine as they sought ways to sidestep smoking bans.

However, with use of e-cigarettes rising sharply in Britain, experts said more research into their long-term effects was ‘clearly needed’.

Prof John Britton, from the Royal College of Physicians, warned: ‘The more reputable companies are manufacturing to the same standard as the pharmaceutical industry but many are just imported blind from other countries.’
The inventor of the electronic cigarette, Hon LikAround 700,000 Brits are thought to use electronic cigarettes (Picture: Getty)

An estimated 700,000 people in Britain use the devices and the figure could hit 1million by the end of the year. In the US, e-cigarettes are expected to outsell conventional cigarettes within a decade.

The latest international study showed 86 per cent of users had not smoked in the weeks or months since they started using the devices.

That outstripped even the 75 per cent who said they switched with the intention of giving up. To finish reading Electronic cigarettes ‘help nine out of ten smokers quit tobacco completely’ click here.

There are close to 3 quarters of a million user’s of electronic cigarettes in Britain and they are going to outsell conventional cigarettes within a few years. I wonder if that has the tobacco companies shaking in their boots yet. I’m thinking yes.

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