France To Ban Disposable E-Cigarette Use In Public Places

Although disposable e-cigarette use in France is big business, it could soon be illegal in public areas.

Use of the disposable e-cigarette is hugely popular in France, but purchasing them could soon become more difficult. According to French newspaper The Local, France’s Health Minister Marisol Touraine is determined to crack down on e-cigarettes. She has pledged to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and ban their use in public places. A ban on e-cigarette smoking in bars, restaurants and hotels could spell disaster for the booming industry.

Speaking to France Info radio on Friday, Health Minister Marisol Touraine confirmed recent speculation that the French government will seek a ban on the use of electronic cigarettes in public.

“The e-cigarette is not an ordinary product,” the minister said. “We need to apply the same measures as there are for tobacco. That means making sure it cannot be smoked in public places, that its sale is restricted to over 18s and that firms are not allowed to advertise the products.”

Touraine’s proposals are in line with the recommendations made in a specialist report by Professor Bertrand Dauzenberg that was published earlier this week.

Banning e-cigarettes in public could do serious damage to France’s burgeoning e-cigarette industry, which has enjoyed something of a boom in recent months.

“If they ban it in public or in the workplace, I’ll be closing my store, or moving it somewhere where there aren’t restrictions like that,” Darren Moon, the English proprietor of told The Local.

“20 percent of our business is selling disposable e-cigarettes to restaurants, clubs, bars and hotels. So if there’s a workplace ban, I’d have to start firing people,” he added, noting that his sales have seen “20 to 25 percent growth” every month. Click this link to finish reading Minister confirms plan to ban e-cigarettes in public.

With an estimated half a million e-cigarette smokers in France, many small businesses rely on the sales for 20 percent of their revenue. Despite the health benefits of replacing regular cigarettes with e-cigarettes, Tourain does have some supporters who argue that e-cigarettes could lead children to begin smoking.

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