Despite All The e Cigarette Reviews DC Lawmakers Concerned

So you read all the positive e cigarette reviews that you could find online and as a result you decided to give e cigarettes a shot. But then you heard rumors that lawmakers may be cracking down on them in the near future and you’re wondering if it’s still a good idea to make the jump to electric cigarettes?

Sound about right?

While some lawmakers are “concerned” over whether or not electric cigarettes are dangerous to users health the majority of lawmakers are silent on the issue. But it pays to keep an eye on what is happening in the news just to stay informed.

It looks like Washington D.C. may be adding E-Cigarettes to their indoor smoking ban claiming they are just as annoying as their tobacco counterparts. Although they are smokeless, the vapors produced by heating oils into a vapor do contain nicotine. The FDA noted that the new product, designed to help a smoker withdraw from tobacco addiction, would be regulated the same way. The electronic cigarette has not been tested enough to be judged safe.

Two D.C. Council members are proposing to add electronic cigarettes to the city’s indoor smoking ban, arguing that the products may be a health risk and are an annoyance to non-smokers.

Commonly referred to as e-cigarettes or e-cigs, electronic cigarettes have grown popular and are often used to help a smoker transition off tobacco.

The products come in a variety of flavors and do not burn tobacco. Instead, battery-operated inhalers heat nicotine into a vapor, which apparently has some of the same stimulant effect of cigarettes.

In recent years, celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio have been photographed with the products. And because they do not produce smoke, e-cigarettes generally have escaped regulation from states and cities.

In the District, it has become common to see people puffing on e-cigarettes in restaurants, office buildings, bars and even Metrobuses. But council members Yvette M. Alexander (D-Ward 7) and David Grosso (I-At Large) introduced a bill at Tuesday’s council session to change that. To finish reading Should e-cigarettes be banned indoors in D.C.? click here.

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