A Disposable Electronic Cigarette Does Not Contain Harmful Tar

A disposable electronic cigarette does not contain harmful tar and carbon monoxide. What they do contain is super heated nicotine infused oils that turn into a vapor allowing inhalation. Originally devised as an alternative to regular cigarettes there has been discovered some undreamed of benefits, not the least of which is quitting smoking altogether.

Vape ’em if you got ’em

BETTING against an industry with addicts for customers carries obvious risks. But these are uncertain times for Big Tobacco. Electronic cigarettes, once dismissed as a novelty, now pose a serious threat. E-cigarettes work by turning nicotine-infused liquid into vapour, which is then inhaled. A user is therefore said to be “vaping”, not smoking. More important, he or she is not inhaling all the noxious substances found in ordinary smokes.

In 2012 sales of e-cigarettes in America were between $300m and $500m, say analysts. That is paltry compared with the $80 billion-plus market for conventional cigarettes in the country. But e-cigarette sales doubled last year, and are expected to double again in 2013. Bonnie Herzog of Wells Fargo, a bank, believes sales of e-cigarettes could overtake sales of the normal sort within a decade.

That may depend on how governments react. E-cigarettes are probably not good for you. One study showed that vaping decreased lung capacity. Yet a switch from smoking to vaping could improve public health, some say. E-cigarettes may help smokers quit more efficiently than nicotine patches or gum. This notion has not been thoroughly tested, however, so governments are wary.

America has warned e-cigarette manufacturers not to make health claims. New tobacco guidelines in Europe would either tightly limit the nicotine content of e-cigarettes or force them to undergo clinical trials, as pharmaceutical products do. Elsewhere a patchwork of regulation exists, including outright bans in some countries. To finish reading Vape ’em if you got ’em click here.

Many smokers who bought the e-cigarette to wean themselves from cigarettes have discovered that the invention works very well indeed. 90 percent have boasted that the device has helped them quit entirely and now are totally smoke free.

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