About Smokeless Cigarettes

Those who haven’t heard of smokeless cigarettes tend to find the process of quitting smoking to be extremely difficult. Your body has become pre-conditioned to both the action of smoking as well as the nicotine from cigarettes. Some people attempt to quit by using a nicotine patch (or gum) while others attempt to simply quit cold turkey. These options both have substantial fail rates due to the extreme life changes that are needed in both cases. The nicotine patches are good in theory – from a scientific standpoint, they slowly reduce the amount of nicotine needed in your body. However, there is more to the addiction of smoking than just nicotine.

Smokeless cigarettes offers what no other “quit smoking” technique offers – a simulation of the smoking action along with a reduction of nicotine inhalation. The nicotine patch misses on this last aspect in that it only offers a way of reducing nicotine addiction. It doesn’t however, have a solution for the social aspect of smoking. When a smoker’s friends are smoking around him, what is a smoker to do? When a smoker is accustomed to smoke breaks or a cigarette when nervous, how can a patch help? The smokeless cigarettes become clear answers for the social problem of quitting smoking.

What’s fortunate is that, these days, there are many different options of smokeless cigarettes available. You may choose various levels of nicotine in your smokeless cigarettes until you reach the electric cigarettes that have 0 mg of nicotine. At this point, your addiction will solely rest on the social aspects of smoking. As you and I know, bringing a cigarette up to your month won’t cause health problems, so you are safe with these smokeless cigarettes. In addition, you can purchase in either cigarette or cigar form.

For those who wish to be discrete with the fact that they are smoking an electronic cigarette, there is nothing to fear. Instead of the “smoke” that you are used to, you will instead have vapors emitting from the cigarette. These vapors will look like normal smoke. Unless someone watches you for a period of time, you won’t be found out (the cigarette never shrinks in size).

One of the top secondary reasons for switching to electronic cigarettes is cost. A smokeless cigarette equals the equivalent of 2 packs of normal cigarettes. This cigarette is the equivalent of spending roughly $1.50 for a pack of normal cigarettes. Therefore, replace the battery when you need, but otherwise, you won’t need to be concerned about any expensive purchases. Another reason is hygiene. Smoking causes bad breath and brown teeth. Also, it leaves burn marks on carpets, car seats, shirts and more. Don’t worry about any of this with smokeless cigarettes.

The introduction of smokeless cigarettes has been a blessing for those of us addicted to both the health and social aspects of smoking. While electric cigarettes may be hard to get used to for hardcore cigarette smokers, the advantages and success rates they offer should make any smoker consider smokeless cigarettes as the top product for quitting smoking.

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